Simplicity and Complexity

Dr. Joe Martin

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The Doctrine of the Trinity is notoriously complicated. That is acknowledged even by many of its adherents. Dr. Joe Martin of Atlanta Bible College tells us that the Trinity is confusing because it originated with post-biblical gentile Christians who were effectively “reinventing” the God of the Bible. Dr. Martin indicates that God is not three different ones but is eternally one and only one – the Father himself and that Jesus is not God but is the Christ of God.


About the Author:

Joe Martin
Dr. Joe Martin is a Bible teacher, college professor, speaker and writer who is devoted to the cause of the reformation of Christianity in our time. He teaches frequently about the one true God of the Bible, coming to grace and truth through Jesus Christ, the coming kingdom of God. Dr. Martin is a graduate of Oregon Bible College, which is now Atlanta Bible College. He has a Masters in Sociology from Arizona State University, a Masters in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Columbia Theological Seminary. He has taught at Atlanta Bible College from 1991 to the present and has served as academic dean and president of the college. He and his wife Rebekah have been active in foreign missions since 1996 and have labored particularly to spread the word of the one true God and the kingdom of God in western Africa.