Five Major Problems with the Trinity

Sean Finnegan

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This is an excellent analysis of the Doctrine of the Trinity. In it, Sean Finnegan talks about five fundamental problems associated with the concept of three “Persons” being one God. Sean tells his audience that the doctrine is flawed and does not conform with original Christianity and the teachings of Jesus which affirm that God is eternally only one individual – the Father alone (John 17:3).


About the Author:

Sean Finnegan
With the heart of a true reformer, Sean Finnegan encourages reformation in Christianity today. His passion is to see Christians recapture the truths, spirit, and faith of those who were the first followers of Jesus. In that vein, he is the founder of Restitutio a podcast devoted to the “Restoration of Authentic Christianity” and is also the developer and manager of several other websites and online ministries. He is a consulting editor for 21st Century Reformation Online. Sean Finnegan received a Master of Theological studies degree from Boston University's School of Theology. He attended Atlanta Bible College where he obtained a Bachelor of Theology degree in 2005. He now serves as an adjunct professor for that college, teaching intensive classes on Church History, Apologetics, Evangelism, and Basic Bible Doctrine.