Jesus and Original Christianity

By J. Dan Gill

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Jesus was a descendant of David and of Abraham (Matt. 1:1). Born in Israel, he was raised by Jewish parents in a Jewish community. He grew up attending the synagogue, learning the Scriptures and the words of the prophets. His earliest followers were people who from their youth were wholly dedicated to YHWH alone as God.

It is Jesus the Jew and his Jewish disciples who were the original teachers of Christianity. They were the true fathers of the Christian church. There was a wonderful continuity between the Jewish founders of Christianity and God’s prophets of old. They all believed that only one individual is God: The Father of Jesus Christ. The first Christians were solidly grounded in YHWH alone as the God of Israel and in Jesus as his Messiah, his greatest anointed king. Jesus himself summarized these very things at the beginning of his great intercessory prayer which is recorded in the Gospel of John:

Father … this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent ( John 17:3).

Jesus did not come to bring the world a different definition of God. He came to affirm the same one that God’s prophets and people of old had been proclaiming from the beginning. Confirming that the Father is the only true God, Jesus then speaks of himself not as God, but as God’s Messiah, the Christ. The God of Israel is the God of Jesus. Original Christianity is the realization of true biblical faith from Abraham to John the Baptist.

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Gill, J. Dan (2016). Jesus and Original Christianity. In, The One: In Defense of God (pp. 242-243). Nashville, TN: 21st Century Reformation Publishing.

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About the Author:

J. Dan Gill
J. Dan Gill is Editor in Chief and a contributor to 21st Century Reformation Online. He is a frequent speaker, has written many theological articles and presented a variety of papers on Christian issues and biblical subjects. J. Dan Gill is the author of “The One – In Defense of God” a book which makes the case for non-trinitarian “absolute monotheism” as being the theology not only of Jews but of Jesus and original Christians. He argues that the one God of the Bible is the Father alone and that Jesus is the Christ – God’s Messiah. Dan Gill is the producer and co-host with Sir Anthony Buzzard of 21st Century Reformation’s popular video commentary series on the New Testament writings of the Apostle Paul and the Book of Hebrews. J. Dan Gill is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and his academic studies have focused particularly on the history of Christian doctrine, early church history, the Reformation and restoration movements.