Who Is God?

Sid Hatch & Anthony Buzzard

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According to the Bible, who is God? Is the true God of the Bible one individual – the Father, or are there two or three persons who are God? This is a scriptural discussion between former Baptist minister Sidney Hatch and Professor Anthony Buzzard. (From the Archives – Thanks to Steve Taylor for making this video available.)


About the Author:

Sid Hatch
As a Baptist minister and graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, Sid Hatch had been a lifetime trinitarian devoted to the idea that God is three persons. However, through prayer and study of the Bible, he came to the understanding that the one true God is the Father alone, and that Jesus, born of a virgin, is God’s only begotten human son. From that time until his decease, Hatch spoke and wrote regarding the one true God and Jesus as the Christ. 21st Century Reformation is honored to make some of the writings and teachings of Sid Hatch available to our viewers.