LaBreeska Hemphill

About the One God Message

LaBreeska Hemphill, author and gospel music great, shares with her audience some very personal thoughts on faith and the One God Message for which she and Joel Hemphill have become so well known. LaBreeska is the author of three books, is a singer, songwriter and an icon in Southern Gospel Music.


About the Author:

LaBreeska Hemphill
LaBreeska Hemphill is known for her extraordinary career in Gospel Music. As a Christian singer and songwriter, she spanned the globe and touched the lives of young and old alike. LaBreeska authored several books including “The Hemphills - Partners in Emotion” which relates the story of the personal and professional life of herself and her husband Joel Hemphill. LaBreeska is a member of the Southern Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame. LaBreeska Hemphill is now deceased. She was a dear friend and frequent contributor to 21st Century Reformation. We are honored to bring some of LaBreeska’s music, speaking and writings to our viewers.