Biblical Unitarianism - A Hijacked Religion

Kent Ross & J. Dan Gill

Theologian and professor of church history, Kent Ross talks with 21st Century Reformation’s J. Dan Gill about the One God understanding often referred to as “Biblical Unitarianism.” Kent talks about those who were One God believers during the Reformation and how that the Unitarianism of the Reformation period was “hijacked” by what has come to be known as Unitarian-Universalism.


About the Author:

Kent Ross
Kent H. Ross was a professor at Atlanta Bible College/Oregon Bible College for almost 20 years. Much of his work related to Christian church history. He wrote many articles and papers regarding a range of biblical issues and was a speaker at various symposiums through the years. Kent Ross served as a pastor in Church of God General Conference churches in Nebraska, Ohio, Michigan, Arizona and Georgia. He was married to Cheryl Macy Ross for over 50 years. Kent Ross is now deceased. 21st Century Reformation is honored to bring some of his speaking and writing to our viewers.