One of Us, For All of Us

Mark Jones

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A great mystery of our human experience is that God has brought about our salvation through one of us – a human being. It was one of us – Adam – who brought sin and death into the world. It is one of us – Jesus – the last Adam (1 Cor. 15:21), who brought forgiveness and life (Rom. 5:17). It is one of us who has stood in the gap between us and God (1 Timothy 2:5); one of us whose obedience and sacrifice pleased God. He was one of us – for the rest of us!


About the Author:

Mark Jones
Mark A. Jones is a pastor at Higher Ground Church near Nashville, Tennessee. Known for his teaching on “One God” theological and Christological issues, his practical and good-humored words bring sound Bible teachings with exhortations of faith and encouragement. He is a frequent contributor to 21st Century Reformation Online. Mark Jones is devoted to the concept of continuing reformation in the Christian church. He often uses the insight, “We don’t care how it is, we just want it the way it is.” He believes truth is found in God's word and that pursuit of original Christianity together with love and respect for our fellow man is of great importance for Christians today. With a passion for the Word of God, love for God’s people, and a drive to follow Jesus Christ, Mark has inspired many to grow spiritually, deepen their faith and to biblical truth.