Did Jesus Have to be God? - 3 Part Series

J. Dan Gill

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Qs & ANSWERS 1-5:  Did Jesus have to be God? J. Dan Gill speaks at a conference in East Tennessee and refutes the popular idea that Jesus had to be a “God-Man” to do the amazing things that he did.  J. Dan tells us that it did not take a “God-Man” to do those things – but rather that it took “God and a perfect Man!” This session takes up five of the arguments that people often make which are mistakenly thought to prove that Jesus was God.

Qs & ANSWERS 6-10:  This session addresses five more of the popular arguments which  are made in order to say that Jesus must have been God. Here,  J. Dan Gill answers questions such as: Did Jesus being “Lord” or “Christ” mean that he was God? Did his being worshipped; his not sinning; or his being our Savior mean that he had to be God?

Qs & ANSWERS 11-15:  This final session of the series takes up five more arguments that are made in order say that Jesus must have been God. In this session, J. Dan Gill answers questions such as: Did God being “in Christ” mean that Christ was God? Did his speaking as no other man spoke mean he was God? Did the fact Jesus was born of a virgin prove he was God? Did his being sent from God make him God? And did Jesus being the mediator between God and men mean that he had to be a God-man?


About the Author:

J. Dan Gill
J. Dan Gill is Editor in Chief and a contributor to 21st Century Reformation Online. He is a frequent speaker, has written many theological articles and presented a variety of papers on Christian issues and biblical subjects. J. Dan Gill is the author of “The One – In Defense of God” a book which makes the case for non-trinitarian “absolute monotheism” as being the theology not only of Jews but of Jesus and original Christians. He argues that the one God of the Bible is the Father alone and that Jesus is the Christ – God’s Messiah. Dan Gill is the producer and co-host with Sir Anthony Buzzard of 21st Century Reformation’s popular video commentary series on the New Testament writings of the Apostle Paul and the Book of Hebrews. J. Dan Gill is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and his academic studies have focused particularly on the history of Christian doctrine, early church history, the Reformation and restoration movements.