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"The Hemphills"

Joel & LaBreeska Hemphill

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My Father Made it All
Partners In Emotion
Master Of The Wind
Walking In The Light
I've Already Tried
The Only Real Peace
God Has A Plan
When The Praises Go Up
The Healer Lives In You
Consider The Lilies
I Claim The Blood


Who Is Jesus

by Anthony Buzzard

Who Is Jesus PDF ebookFREE



The Law, the Sabbath and New Covenant Christianity:

by Anthony Buzzard
Anthony Buzzard Book on Covenants




Glory to God

In the Highest

by Joel Hemphill
Glory To God In the Highest

To God Be

The Glory

by Joel Hemphill

To God Be The Glory - Joel Hemphill Book


Jesus Was Not A


by Anthony Buzzard

Jesus Was Not a Trinitarian





October 2015 Issue

21st Century Reformation


This Month's Articles

Only The Father Is God

by Sean Finnegan

Pastor Sean Finnegan of New York tells us, “The overwhelming weight of Scripture teaches that only the Father is God.  He is the awesome Creator of everything in existence.  He is the most powerful Being in the universe.  He has no equal, as even Jesus confessed” (John 10:29; 14:18).   

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Jesus Confirmed the Shema

by Sean Finnegan

In this article, Pastor Sean Finnegan takes up the matter of Jesus’ conformation of the Shema which affirms that only YHWH himself is God (Mark 12:28, 29 cf. Deut. 6:4).

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1 Timothy 3:16 – Who Was Manifested?

by Sean Finnegan

In this article, Pastor Sean Finnegan discusses the controversy which sometimes is related to 1 Timothy 3:16. Sean tells us: “So, most of the translations speak of “he who” or “who” or “he” rather than “God.” This is a significant difference.”

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The One God, the Father,

One Man Messiah Translation

New Testament with Commentary

by Anthony Buzzard

21st Century Reformation is happy to announce and recommend Anthony Buzzard’s recently published translation of the New Testament. This translation is refreshing, particularly comfortable to read, and a book that in our opinion belongs in the library of every Christian.

The book is particularly helpful as Anthony shares with his readers solid, extensive commentary drawn from his many years as a professor of New Testament studies. Anthony’s technical grasp of the Greek text, coupled with his exceptional skills for communicating to the wider public makes this translation a pleasure to read.

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Scripture Wallpapter - Psalm 3:3Psalm 3:3

But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.

Farm near Nashville, Tn

Photograph by Mark Jones


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Understanding Ephesians - Chapter 4

One Lord and One God

Anthony Buzzard and J. Dan Gill

Anthony Buzzard and J. Dan Gill continue their commentary series on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. In this session, they work through the 4th chapter. Anthony and J. Dan discuss Paul’s “Seven Ones” and particularly the One Lord of verse 5 and One God of verse 6.

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Our 5 (maybe 6) "One God" U.S. Presidents

Part 2 - John Adams

J. Dan Gill

This excellent series continues as J. Dan Gill takes up the “One God” faith of John Adams. J. Dan tells us that John and Abigail Adams were non-orthodox Christian believers who held to the faith that only the Father is God (John 17:3).

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Walking in Spirit

Mark Jones

In another uplifting message, Pastor Mark Jones of Higher Ground Church in Tennessee tells us that Christians must actively “walk” in the spirit of God in order to please God.

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The Sure Word of Prophecy

Dr. Joe Martin

Dr. Joe Martin of Atlanta Bible College talks to his audience about the words of the prophets regarding God’s son, the kingdom of God and the hope of the ages.

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Is The Kingdom Too Jewish?

Sean Finnegan

Sean Finnegan of New York takes up the question of why Christians abandoned the scriptural idea of the kingdom of God as a renewed creation on the earth and substituted the idea of eternity in heaven in its place. 


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