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"The Hemphills"

Joel & LaBreeska Hemphill


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  1. My Father Made it All
  2. Partners In Emotion
  3. Master Of The Wind
  4. Walking In The Light
  5. I've Already Tried
  6. The Only Real Peace
  7. God Has A Plan
  8. When The Praises Go Up
  9. The Healer Lives In You
  10. Consider The Lilies
  11. I Claim The Blood

Jesus is Still a Jew




Who Is Jesus PDF ebook






Who Is Jesus

by Anthony Buzzard


To God Be The Glory - Joel Hemphill Book

To God Be The Glory

by Joel Hemphill


Jesus Was Not a Trinitarian

Jesus Was Not A


by Anthony Buzzard





October 2010 Issue

21st Century Reformation


Joel HemphillJoel Hemphill

"God Also"

In "God Also," Joel Hemphill addresses a wonderful audience in Arkansas! This is an excellent – sharp – well presented overview of some of the essential issues regarding the One God and the true identity of Jesus Christ. You won't want to miss this one!

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Anthony Buzzard
Anthony Buzzard and J. Dan Gill

The Library Talks - Part Two

"Difficult Texts Made Easy"

If you enjoyed Part 1 of "The Library Talks," you will love Part 2.  Anthony Buzzard and J. Dan Gill continue their non-stop and hard hitting discussion of One God issues. In "Difficult Texts Made Easy," they touch on a number of passages in John and also discuss Hebrews the First Chapter. You can't help but enjoy this one!

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Richard RubensteinRichard Rubenstein

"Arius Versus Athanasius"

In a rare presentation, Richard Rubenstein, author and professor of Conflict Resolution at George Mason University, addresses a conference of One God believers in Atlanta. Rubenstein, author of the book "When Jesus became God" brings us exceptional insights into the great Christian conflicts that surrounded the  "Arian" controversy and particularly the council of Nicea in 325 AD. This is a must see for everyone with an interest in church history, the development of post-biblical Christian orthodoxy and/ or conflict resolution.

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Mark JonesQuotable Quotes

After some months in the making, 21st Century Reformation Online is excited about our latest new feature! "Quotable Quotes" is  a developing collection of  great quotations on our subject's of interest. This feature is designed for your use in speaking and writing – or just for your personal enjoyment and edification. If you have some favorite quotes you would like to share – send them to our editorial committee and they will be considered for addition to our lists. Please include the source of your quotes if known. Send to:    | Go to Quotable Quotes |



quotable quotes

Mark Jones

"Don't Let Go When It's God

The Faith of Joseph "


Every Christian should hear, "Don't let go when it's God." Pastor Mark Jones brings to us the extraordinary story of a man who held on to God against all odds and became an amazing example for  every believer today.

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  • Fantastic! "Africa" is a documentary report in which you will see One God believers in Africa and learn more about them from Joe and Rebekah Martin who's labors in the word in Africa span many years.  Every person interested in the One God / Kingdom cause, will be moved and lifted up by this amazing presentation. | Video Link | audio |



    Most Watched Last Month


    Truth Matters


    Joel Hemphill

    Ministers' Meeting

    Anthony Buzzard

    & J. Dan Gill

    Warmsroth, Ger.

    truth matters
    Joel Hemphill Anthony Buzzard & Dan Gill

    Europe Conference

    Sean FinneganKermit Zarley

    Sean Finnegan brings

    us an extraordinary

    interview with

    Kermit Zarley.

    "Servetus the



    Audio Link


    Joel Hemphill

    addresses a

    gathering of

    ministers in


    Part One

    "A Truth Whose

    Time Has Come"

       | video link | Audio Link |

    Part Two

    "The Father is the

    Only True God"

       | Video Icon | Audio Link |

    In what is certain to

    become a classic series,

    Anthony Buzzard and J.

    Dan Gill are found at

    Anthony's personal

    library with cameras

    rolling. What follows is

    non-stop discussion of

    scriptural issues that

    will not disappoint our



     Part One of

    "The Library Talks"

    Another Jesus??


    | Video Link | audio link |



    Oct. 29 - Sun.

    Oct. 31, 2010

    Warmsroth, near

    Frankfurt, Germany


    Wolfgang Schneider,




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    Anthony Buzzard

    A Triple Play by Anthony Buzzard

    This is a "must read" series of three short articles by Anthony Buzzard on the issues of the One God! Read them separately or in sequence. We are certain that you will enjoy this mini-trilogy!

    1. He are Three – They is One! The language of confusion about God. | Read Article |
    2. The Crunch Point – How many Yahwehs are there?? | Read Article |
    3. Let us Reason Together.  God is a "who"- not a "what"! | Read Article |


    J. Dan Gill Interviews Pastor Chuck Jones,

    Editor, Wisdom and Power Magazine

    In an interview in Atlanta, J. Dan Gill speaks with his counterpart Chuck Jones of Pomona California who is editor of the long running "Wisdom and Power Magazine."  J. Dan also talks with Jones about two books that he has written: Claiming the Promises, and Living Today - the Kingdom Way.

    Chuck Jones and J. Dan Gill

    Wisdom and Power

    Watch Interview

    Also join Pastor Chuck Jones and the Church of the Open Bible for the 2010 Fall Bible

    Conference - November 13-14

    Truth Revolution: The Transforming Truth (How the truth of God's word can change your life)

    Special Guest Speaker: J. Dan Gill

    For more information email:



    Clifford duRousseau

    Book Review by Clifford Durousseau

    Jesus Was Not a Trinitarian

    by Sir Anthony Buzzard

    Clifford Durousseau who is notable for his work in One God issues, reviews Anthony Buzzard's popular book "Jesus was not a Trinitarian." Durousseau's review is direct – to the point – and not to be missed.

    Read Article


    Barbara Buzzard

    Book Review by Barbara Buzzard

    When Jesus Became God

    by Richard E. Rubenstein

    "When Jesus became God" is a book that has gained considerable attention among those interested in the development of post-biblical orthodoxy as well as Christians in the pew who dare to wonder how we got where we are in terms of Christian beliefs. Barbara relates "My thanks and gratitude to Richard Rubenstein for his exposure of the roots of Trinitarian dogma, which has not only survived but remains the governing force of orthodoxy and which will continue to pronounce an anathema upon you if you question any or all of it." Barbara's review is unswerving and insightful as always.

    Read Article


    LaBreeska Hemphill

    LaBreeska Hemphill

    How Does Your Garden Grow?

    LaBreeska Hemphill brings us yet another beautiful insight into the life of the follower of Christ. LaBreeska tells us that our hearts and minds are as gardens to be tended and given attention. She says: "A well-tended heart is not much different than a well-tended garden. It causes others to look on with admiration, like the neighbor across the fence."

    Read Article

    October Scripture Wallpaper



    October Wallpaper - Psalms 83:18


    Let them know that you alone, whose name is the LORD, are the Most High over all the earth.

    Picture from 2010 African Missions Trip

    Photo by Michelle Mattison Griswold









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