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Kermit Zarley

Kermit Zarley - "Does the Bible Identify Jesus as God?"

Kermit Zarley presents to a theological conference in Atlanta the story of his faith journey from a traditional understanding of God to his One God faith today. As an evangelical author and speaker, Zarley asks and answers the question: "Is Jesus Christ God?"

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         Anthony Buzzard - "An Interview in Atlanta"

Anthony BuzzardJ. Dan Gill interviews Anthony Buzzard at his home near Atlanta. In the course of this interview, a variety of interesting scriptural issues are considered. In his ownunique fashion Professor Buzzard addresses a number of interesting subjects including the meaning of the Hebrew word "echad." Don't miss this rare opportunity to visit with Anthony Buzzard and hear his interaction with

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Joel HemphillJoel Hemphill - "Knowing God As Father"

 Joel Hemphill brings us yet another enjoyable and powerful presentation about   God the Father. At a conference in east Tennessee, Joel relates to the audience his journey to his One God faith. This is Joel Hemphill at his best.

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J. Dan Gill

J. Dan Gill - "Water Baptism Today" - Part I

J. Dan Gill brings us a powerful scriptural presentation in Part 1 of "Water Baptism Today – Is it for us?" Everyone with a sincere interest in Bible issues, should get  their Bible; pen and paper for notes, and take in this extraordinary presentation.

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Mark JonesMark Jones - "Power From God"

Pastor Mark Jones of Tennessee brings us the answer to the question: "Where did Jesus get his power and authority?" Pastor Jones goes on to tell us the source we must look to as Christians for power today.
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Chuck Jones Wonderful Counselor Article Everlasting Father Article Mighty God Article


Barbara BuzzardBarbara Buzzard

Barbara Buzzard, in another of her insightful reviews, brings to us an overview of the book:

"Letters Addressed to Relatives and Friends" by Mary Dana. In this exceptional book by an exceptional woman, Barbara finds encouragement for all One God believers today. | Read Review |




The Hemphills at the Kennedy Center

The Hemphills at The Kennedy Center,

Washington D.C.

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LaBreeska HemphillLaBreeska Hemphill - "A Tribute to Mama Rogers"

LaBreeska Hemphill brings us the story of a wonderful grandmother of faith in "A Tribute to Mama Rogers." LaBreeska's memories of this amazing woman of God will bless you. (This is an excerpt from "My Daddy Played the Guitar," Trumpet Call Books, Labreeska Hemphill, 2009.)
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Angela Moore

Angela Moore - "The Highest Calling"

Angela Moore of Indiana addresses the joys and difficulties of being a mother in "The Highest Calling." Angela, mother of five, brings unique insight to the great importance of being a mom.
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Psalms 89:8,9May Wallpaper - Psalms 89:8,9

O LORD God Almighty, who is like you? You are mighty, O LORD, and your faithfulness surrounds you. You rule over the surging sea; when its waves mount up, you still them.

Thanks to Julia Gomez for this wonderful photo.






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