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Joel Hemphill - Seeing God the Father

Joel Hemphill – "Seeing God the Father"

In this "must view" presentation by minister and author Joel Hemphill, we are given amazing insights regarding the ultimate supremacy of God and the amazing role that he has given to his human son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Yet Another Music City MiracleYet Another Music City Miracle - J. Dan Gill

 In "Yet Another Music City Miracle" J. Dan Gill makes a persuasive case that belief in the Doctrines of the Trinity and Divinity of Christ are not requirements for salvation or for being a true Christian. This is a powerful presentation that should  be carefully considered by every sincere Christian today.
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Picture of Adelphia
by Chris J. Nelson



Mark Jones – "One Greater than Solomon"

In this refreshing presentation, Pastor Mark Jones tells us of the primacy that God has given to his son Jesus Christ.

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An Interview with Carlos Jimenez

An Interview with Carlos Jimenez

J. Dan Gill, editor of 21st Century Reformation Online, brings us his interview of Carlos Jimenez of Sydney, Australia.  Carlos speaks of his journey from agnosticism to his "One God" Christian faith today.

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John 1:1 - Anthony Buzzard

Anthony Buzzard

"John 1:1 Caveat Lector - Reader Beware"

Every serious Bible student should take in Anthony Buzzard's study of the classic  - but often misunderstood - passage about God's word in the prologue to the Gospel of John.
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Anthony Buzzard - Five Options In ChristologyFive Options in Christology - by Anthony Buzzard

In case you missed it – or want to watch it again, by all means take in Anthony Buzzard's instant classic "Five Options in Christology."  It was the most watched and listened to feature from our January 2010 edition. 
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Robin Todd

Music Video by Robin Todd

Every Knee Shall Bow





March Wallpaper

March Wallpaper - Free Download

John 17:1, 3





Angela Moore

"A Follower of Christ - How to Walk the Walk"

by Angela Moore

In "A Follower of Christ," author Angela Moore brings us a clearer understanding about what it really means to be a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and how to "walk the walk" with him.
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Barbara Buzzard"A Grateful Review –In Appreciation" - by Barbara Buzzard

Read Barbara Buzzard's review of the book "The Restitution of Jesus Christ" by Kermit Zarley (Servetus the Evangelical).  Barbara brings us an overview of  Zarley's compre-hensive new work about Christology which contrasts the Jesus of the Bible with the "Jesus" of later church traditions.  | Read Article |



LaBreeska Hemphill

"Touching the Heart of God" - LaBreeska Hemphill

Author and gospel singer LaBreeska Hemphill relates a wonderful true story about a young woman who learned to "touch God" and the blessing that followed in her life. "Touching the heart of God" will touch you as you read.
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Living Word of God

In The Living Word of God J. Dan Gill bridges the centuries to bring us an understanding of what the "word of God" meant to the people of New Testament times.

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Knowing the LordPastor Bill Wachtel brings us the beautiful message of Jeremiah 9:23-24 - "This is what the LORD says:  ‘Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom or the strong man boast of his strength or the rich man boast of his riches, but let him who boasts boast about this:  that he understands and knows me, that I am the LORD...'” | Article |




Update of HaitiDavid Krogh reports that he has received communication from Pastor Lesley Bertrand in Haiti. Pastor Lesly indicates that he and his family as well as the children at the orphanage are all well. He also indicates, however, that they have suffered great loss in terms of their church building, the school there and the orphanage. | Article |




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