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"The Hemphills"

Joel & LaBreeska Hemphill

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My Father Made it All
Partners In Emotion
Master Of The Wind
Walking In The Light
I've Already Tried
The Only Real Peace
God Has A Plan
When The Praises Go Up
The Healer Lives In You
Consider The Lilies
I Claim The Blood


Who Is Jesus

by Anthony Buzzard

Who Is Jesus PDF ebookFREE



The Law, the Sabbath and New Covenant Christianity:

by Anthony Buzzard
Anthony Buzzard Book on Covenants




Glory to God

In the Highest

by Joel Hemphill
Glory To God In the Highest

To God Be

The Glory

by Joel Hemphill

To God Be The Glory - Joel Hemphill Book


Jesus Was Not A


by Anthony Buzzard

Jesus Was Not a Trinitarian





June 2015 Issue

21st Century Reformation


Documentaries by 21st Century Reformation

Korean Extention with Sam and Steve An

The Korean Connection

Atlanta Bible College - Korean Extension

"The Korean Connection" is a short documentary produced by 21st Century Reformation which focuses on the Korean Extension of Atlanta Bible College. This is a Bible College which is focused on great themes such as the One God message and the Kingdom of God. This documentary introduces us to the staff, facilities and educational program at the extension.   The Korean Extension is led by Pastors Steve An & Sam An, and the campus is located in Duluth, Georgia. As of the year 2010 there are approximately 100 students in the Atlanta Bible College Korean Extension.   

Dr Joe Martin in Africa

One God Believers in Africa

with Dr Joe and Rebekah Martin

Fantastic! "Africa" is a documentary report in which you will see One God believers in Africa and learn more about them from Joe and Rebekah Martin who's labors in the word in Africa span many years.  Every person interested in the One God / Kingdom cause, will be moved and lifted up by this amazing presentation

Dr. Joe Martin and his wife Rebekah have been active in foreign missions with annual trips to minister in Africa since 1996.

Lessons From Barbara's Gardens

with Barbara Buzzard

If you love gardens, landscaping, and the beauty of God's creation, you will find yourself watching "Lessons from Barbara's Gardens" - more than once! Following an interview at her residence, Barbara Buzzard then leads 21st Century Reformation Online on a tour of her extraordinary gardens and brings us colorful living examples of  teachings from the Scriptures. This presentation is a pure pleasure to watch. Do watch and enjoy!


This Month's Articles

According To The Bible - Jesus Has A “God”

Joel Hemphill

Joel Hemphill brings us a short but powerful review of the Scriptures in the New Testament which tell us that Jesus has a God. Joel points out that God has no God! This article is to the point and well worth the reading.

Artcle PDF


John and Jewish Preexistence:

An Attempt to Responsibly Set the Christology of the

Fourth Gospel in its Proper Historical and

Theological Matrix of Thought

Dr. Dustin Smith


Does the Bible Identify Jesus as God?

Kermit Zarley

Great article!  One God author Kermit Zarley gives us an exposition on the question of - is Jesus deity? A must read for every serious Bible student.

Artcle PDF


Also Watch Video    -   "Does the Bible Identify Jesus as God?


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The One God, the Father,

One Man Messiah Translation

New Testament with Commentary

by Anthony Buzzard

21st Century Reformation is happy to announce and recommend Anthony Buzzard’s recently published translation of the New Testament. This translation is refreshing, particularly comfortable to read, and a book that in our opinion belongs in the library of every Christian.

The book is particularly helpful as Anthony shares with his readers solid, extensive commentary drawn from his many years as a professor of New Testament studies. Anthony’s technical grasp of the Greek text, coupled with his exceptional skills for communicating to the wider public makes this translation a pleasure to read.


Purchase from amazon.com

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Computer Screen Walpaper - I took the road less traved by...


"I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."— Robert Frost

Barbara Buzzard's Garden

Photograph by

Sharon Gill


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21st Century Reformation - This Month's Special Features

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Learning to Listen to Jesus

Joel Hemphill

Bible Teacher Joel Hemphill gives us an enjoyable presentation about the importance of the words and teachings of Jesus. Joel tell us that Christians today tend to diminish or even disregard his words. Joel indicates that to be true followers of Christ we must hear and obey his words and that begins with hearing and believing the words of Jesus regarding his God. 


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Trinity to One

An Interview with Aleksandar Vuksanović

J. Dan Gill, Chief Editor of 21st Century Reformation interviews Aleksandar Vuksanović of Switzerland. This is the amazing story of a man who set out to persuade the world to believe in the Doctrine of the Trinity, but in the course of his studies was forced to reevaluate his own beliefs instead. You won’t want to miss this extraordinary interview.

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Understanding Ephesians

Chapter 1 — Verses 1–12

Anthony Buzzard and J. Dan Gill

Anthony Buzzard and J. Dan Gill launch a new commentary series on Paul’s great letter to the Ephesians. Those of you who are fans of 21st Century Reformation’s video commentaries will love this new series. In this session, Anthony and J. Dan talk about the importance of rightly understanding Paul’s teachings about who God and Jesus really are. They also talk about the myth of the supposed literal preexistence of Christ, the truth about predestination and the real inheritance of the saints.

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John and Jewish Preexistence

Dr. Dustin Smith

Dr. Dustin Smith brings us a well done consideration of the question of preexistence in the Gospel of John. Dustin talks about the significance of the Jewish understanding of preexistence as context for John’s writings. Dustin brings us examples drawn from Jewish literature which demonstrate that preexistence in the minds of the Jews was notional and not literal.

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Our Place in the World

Mark Jones

Pastor Mark Jones of Tennessee tells his audience that Jesus gave his people “a place in the world.” Pastor Mark indicates that Jesus did not want his disciples to be taken “out of the world” but rather to be his ambassadors to humanity. Mark tells us that Christians are a part of God’s great reconciliation program, and that we must never adopt a “bunker mentality.”

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