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"The Hemphills"

Joel & LaBreeska Hemphill

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My Father Made it All
Partners In Emotion
Master Of The Wind
Walking In The Light
I've Already Tried
The Only Real Peace
God Has A Plan
When The Praises Go Up
The Healer Lives In You
Consider The Lilies
I Claim The Blood


Who Is Jesus

by Anthony Buzzard

Who Is Jesus PDF ebookFREE



The Law, the Sabbath and New Covenant Christianity:

by Anthony Buzzard
Anthony Buzzard Book on Covenants




Glory to God

In the Highest

by Joel Hemphill
Glory To God In the Highest

To God Be The


by Joel Hemphill

To God Be The Glory - Joel Hemphill Book


Jesus Was Not A


by Anthony Buzzard

Jesus Was Not a Trinitarian






June 2013 Issue

21st Century Reformation


  • The Zealously IgnorantKent Ross
  • The Law was Perpetual - Not EternalJ. Dan Gill
  • Jesus Christ Our MediatorMark Jones
  • Our Salvation is by a Man! -  Romans Chapter 5Anthony Buzzard and J. Dan Gill
  • Faith DevelopmentJeff Fletcher
The Zealously Ignorant1 The Law was Perpetual - Not Eternal2 Jesus Christ Our Mediator3 Our Salvation is by a Man! -  Romans Chapter 54 Faith Development5


J. Dan Gill

The Best Father

J. Dan Gill

Steve Katsaras

The Trinity - Dueteronomy 6:4

Steve Katsaras

This is an exhortation in which J. Dan Gill brings us an insightful presentation about our Father. You will enjoy the message "The Best Father."

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Pastor Steve Katsaras of Melbourne, Australia considers the critically important passage in Deuteronomy 6:4 which has also come to be called the Shema.

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This Month's Articles

From Logos to Trinity


The Evolution of Religious Beliefs from Pythagoras to Tertullian

by Marian Hillar

Book Review by Czeslaw  Glogowski

Thanks to Czeslaw Glogowski, for his review of Marian Hillar’s exceptional work:  From Logos to Trinity - The Evolution of Religious Beliefs from Pythagoras to Tertullian. This book is a must for every serious scholar with an interest in Christology. Our readers will appreciate this well done review by Glogowski.


Is Jesus called God because he was Worshipped?

Kermit Zarley

Kermit Zarley

Author Kermit Zarley brings us a consideration of the question: Does Jesus being worshipped in the New Testament mean he is God? Zarley discusses what the word worship meant in the New Testament and brings clarity to a sometimes misunderstood subject. This is an article that you will want to add to your library.

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Dead Men Talking

What Dying Teaches Us About Living

Barbara Buzzard

Barbara Buzzard


Barbara Buzzard provides us another of her insightful book reviews. Here she considers Dead Men Talking, What Dying Teaches Us About Living.  This is a short book by Dr. Thomas S. Warren II that focuses on the Scriptural significance of life and death. 


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Aliens and Strangers - Rebecca Dauksas

Christian Workers Seminar 2013


Rebecca Dauksas of South Carolina is noted for her work in Youth Ministry. In this short presentation, Rebecca tells us that as Christians, we are Aliens and Strangers in this world.


The Hemphills Win Award

Joel and LaBreeska HemphillCongratulations to 21st Century Reformation contributors Joel and LaBreeska Hemphill who were recently presented the “Favorite Duet” award at the 2013 Southern Gospel Music Fan Awards show. Other nominees included the popular duets: “Aaron and Amanda Crabb, Wilburn & Wilburn, Dailey & Vincent, and The Schofields.” Joel and LaBreeska send special thanks to all of their fans and everyone who voted for them. Joel said that it was a great surprise and a treasure to them to have received this award.


Joel and LaBreeska Hemphill - Christian Voice Magazine cover


The Cover of Christian Voice Magazine

For those of you who are fans of Christian Voice Magazine, you were doubtless delighted to see that the cover story for the May edition is about the Hemphills. For all who are interested, the May edition of the magazine may still be available.

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Psalms 83:13 Scripture Wallpaper


Psalms 83:18


Let them know that you alone, whose name is the LORD, are the Most High over all the earth.

Picture from 2010 African Missions Trip

Photo by Michelle Mattison Griswold

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The Zealously Ignorant

Kent Ross


Kent RossBible Teacher and former professor of church history Kent Ross tells his audience about the importance of being zealous in the faith. Kent teaches, however, that zeal with accurate knowledge is critical. Zeal without that knowledge is ineffective at best and can be damaging. 


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The Law was Perpetual – Not Eternal

Covenants  Pt-2

J. Dan Gill

J. Dan GillJ. Dan Gill continues his teaching regarding the Law of Moses. In this session he tells his class that the Law was “perpetual” but not “eternal.”  He brings us Scriptures and biblical examples that demonstrate that the law was limited in time and scope.



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Jesus Christ our Mediator

Mark Jones

Mark JonesPastor Mark Jones of Tennessee presents a refreshing understanding of the role of Jesus today as mediator for his people. "Jesus Christ our Mediator" is a powerful scripturally based teaching that you won't want to miss. This presentation was a part of the Weekend in the Word in Nashville.


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Understanding Romans – Chapter 5

Our Salvation is by a Man!

Anthony Buzzard & J. Dan Gill


Anthony BuzzardAnthony Buzzard and J. Dan Gill continue their exposition on the Book of Romans.  In Romans 5, we learn that our separation from God was because of a man – Adam. We then learn that it is a man who then sets us right with God (Romans 5:15-19).



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Faith Development

Jeff Fletcher


Jeff FletcherPastor Jeff Fletcher of Virginia continues his presentation about the “Journey of Faith” (Pt2) at a recent Christian Workers Seminar.  In this session Jeff compares our natural human development to our spiritual development as Christians.



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