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Who Is Jesus

by Anthony Buzzard


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December 2010 Issue

21st Century Reformation


NOTE: This month's special features are in English with German translation.


Anthony BuzzardAnthony Buzzard

The Beginning of the Son of God

  Session One - European One God Conference  

In the opening address of the 2010 European One God Conference, Professor Anthony Buzzard takes up "The Beginning of the Son of God."  Anthony presents to us that the Son of God had a beginning and we know when it was: It was in the womb of his mother Mary.

| video Link | AUDIO LINK | MP3 |

Anthony BuzzardAnthony Buzzard

"Comments on Some Modern Theologians"

Session Two - European One God Conference

In this segment, Sir Anthony Buzzard takes up the favorable findings of some notable modern theologians regarding who Jesus really is. Included particularly are comments of the respected German Catholic theologian Karl-Heinz Ohlig.   
| video Link | AUDIO LINK | MP3 |

Anthony Buzzard

Anthony Buzzard

"The Gospel Preached To Abraham"

Session Three - European One God Conference   

In this presentation Anthony Buzzard gives an excellent exposition of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God as it was given to Abraham. In this teaching Anthony also talks about the relationship between the Law of Moses and the New Covenant in Jesus Christ.

| Video | audio link | MP3 |



Anthony BuzzardAnthony Buzzard

"An Introduction to the Kingdom of God"

Session Four - European One God Conference  

Anthony Buzzard brings us a Scriptural introduction to the Kingdom of God as it was preached in the New Testament.


| Video | audio link | MP3 |



Anthony BuzzardAnthony Buzzard

"The 8 Kingdom Texts in the Book of Acts"

Session Five - European One God Conference     

This is an enjoyable exposition of the eight Scriptural texts in the Book of Acts which speak of the Kingdom of God.

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    Glory To God In the Highest

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    Joel Hemphill

    germany testimony ad

    Joel Hemphill

    "How the Doctrine of the

    Trinity Originated"

    Joel Hemphill speaking at the Bethel Church of God brings clarity to the post biblical evolution of the doctrine of the Trinity. Joel also brings us a view of what is at stake for Christ and Christians relative to this non-biblical three person view of God.

    Part One  | video Link | AUDIO LINK |

    Part Two | Video | audio link |

    Jerry Smith

    Hymn Music

    Biographical Encyclopedia

    of Church of God Leaders,

    19th and 20th Centuries in America

    Jan StilsonMany of our viewers are aware of the wonderful work of the Church of God General Conference  - (Abrahamic Faith) in upholding the “One God/ Kingdom of God” message. Now there is a volume which chronicles the history of Church of God leaders in America in the past two centuries. This is a well done, authoritative work developed under the auspices of Jan Stilson and the History Committee of the COGGC. This book is great for reading and is a valuable addition to your reference library.  For more information and advance ordering please go to:     

            or contact Jan Stilson directly at



    LaBreeska Hemphill


    LaBreeska Hemphill

    "A Case Of Mistaken Identity"

    LaBreeska Hemphill brings us another beautiful presentation of spiritual truth in the form of a wonderful story from Joel's childhood. The end result of LaBreeska's article is to challenge us to know and understand the one True God of heaven and earth and not to confuse him with anyone else – not even his wonderful son – our Savior Jesus.

    Read Article

    Kermit Zarley


    Kermit Zarley "In 2 Pages or Less"

    "Is Jesus God If He Did Not Know the Time of His Return?"

    Kermit Zarley gives us a short overview of a pivotal question in Christology: If God knows everything, and Jesus does not know the time of his return, then is Jesus God? Don't miss Zarley's perceptive summary of this challenging question. 

    Read Article

    Barbara Buzzard

    Book Review by Barbara Buzzard

    "The Only True God"

    by James F. McGrath

    Barbara Buzzard favors us with a review of "The Only True God" by Dr. James F. McGrath.  She gives Dr. McGrath high marks for his treatment of many of the issues of biblical monotheism including his opposition to the "creative" work of some scholars who would "split" or otherwise "abuse" (Barbara's term) the Shema.  She is disappointed, however, that McGrath ultimately casts his lot with an admittedly post-biblical view of God rather than the clear monotheism of Jesus.

    Read Article

    December Scripture Wallpaper Link



    Wallpaper - Psalms 90:2

    Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God.

    Schloss (castle) Hohenschwangua,

    near Füssen, Germany

      Photograph by Chuck Jones










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