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My Father Made it All
Partners In Emotion
Master Of The Wind
Walking In The Light
I've Already Tried
The Only Real Peace
God Has A Plan
When The Praises Go Up
The Healer Lives In You
Consider The Lilies
I Claim The Blood


Who Is Jesus

by Anthony Buzzard

Who Is Jesus PDF ebookFREE



The Law, the Sabbath and New Covenant Christianity:

by Anthony Buzzard
Anthony Buzzard Book on Covenants




Glory to God

In the Highest

by Joel Hemphill
Glory To God In the Highest

To God Be The


by Joel Hemphill

To God Be The Glory - Joel Hemphill Book


Jesus Was Not A


by Anthony Buzzard

Jesus Was Not a Trinitarian






August 2013 Issue

21st Century Reformation


  • God’s Investment in UsMark Jones
  • Winnsboro Minister’s Conference - I Was WrongJoel Hemphill
  • Dead to the Law! -  Romans Chapter 7Anthony Buzzard and J. Dan Gill
  • 10 Contrasts Between Christ and the Law J. Dan Gill
  • Stages of our Faith JourneyJeff Fletcher
God’s Investment in Us1 Winnsboro Minister’s Conference - I Was Wrong2 Dead to the Law! -  Romans Chapter 73 10 Contrasts Between Christ and the Law 4 Stages of our Faith Journey5


Dr Joe MartinThe Good News of a

Great God

Dr. Joe Martin

Steve Katsaras


Steve Katsaras

Dr. Joe Martin of Atlanta Bible College talks about the greatness and goodness of God. Dr. Martin tells his audience that God really is good – all of the time.

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Pastor Steve Katsaras of Melbourne, Australia considers the word “monogenes” which relates to the Scriptural understanding of Jesus as the only begotten son of God.

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This Month's Articles

Anthony Buzzard

Anthony Buzzard

"John 1:1 Caveat Lector - Reader Beware"

Every serious Bible student should take in Anthony Buzzard's study of the classic  - but often misunderstood - passage about God's word in the prologue to the Gospel of John.

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John 17:3 – The Only True God

Anthony Buzzard


Anthony BuzzardIn this excerpt from his popular book “Jesus was not a Trinitarian,” Anthony Buzzard writes about the vital declaration by Jesus that his Father is “the only true God” and that he (Jesus) is “the Christ” – God’s Messiah.


The Only True God

by Eric H. H. Chang

Book Review by Barbara Buzzard

The Only True GodBarbara BuzzardThanks to Barbara Buzzard for providing this review of the extra-ordinary book “The Only True God” by Eric H. H. Chang.  Chang – a devoted pastor, Bible teacher and church leader for 40 years had been a devoted Trinitarian before reconsidering the matter. It was that reconsideration that eventually led to this quite exceptional book.     

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Is Jesus God Because He Forgave Sins?

Kermit Zarley

Kermit Zarley

In yet another of his short articles, author Kermit Zarley of Arizona asks and answers the question: “Is Jesus God because he forgave sins?” Zarley tells us that for Jesus to forgive sins does not mean he is God. Rather, God gave him the authority to forgive sins (Mat. 9:6-8).

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Jerry Bennett

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(Words and Music by Joel Hemphill)

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Matthew 6:26

Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?



Mt. Rainier National Park

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  God’s Investment in Us

Mark Jones


Mark JonesPastor Mark Jones of Tennessee tells us that God has invested much in us as human beings. In return for his investment, he desires fruit (John 15:1-8). But to bear fruit we must be connected to God’s son – Jesus.



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Winnsboro Minister’s Conference - Part One

“I Was Wrong”

Joel Hemphill


Joel HemphillJoel Hemphill addresses a conference of ministers from a variety of church backgrounds at Winnsboro, LA. Joel talks about the concepts of the “Oneness” and the “Trinity.” He tells the ministers there – “I was wrong for 50 years on these matters – I had to change.”



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Understanding Romans – Chapter 7

Dead to the Law!

Anthony Buzzard and J. Dan Gill

Anthony BuzzardOne of the best in an extraordinary series! In Romans 7 we find that we who are in Christ are “Dead to the Law” (Ro. 7:4-6) but alive in Christ Jesus. Anthony Buzzard and J. Dan Gill continue their exposition on the Book of Romans.  



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10 Contrasts Between Christ and the Law

Covenants Pt-4

J. Dan Gill


J. Dan GillJ. Dan Gill continues his teaching regarding the Law of Moses versus the Torah of Messiah. In this session J. Dan describes 10 contrasts between Christ and the Law of Moses.



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Stages of our Faith Journey  

Jeff Fletcher


Jeff FletcherPastor Jeff Fletcher of Virginia continues his presentation about the “Journey of Faith” (Pt4) at a recent Christian Workers Seminar.  In this session Jeff talks about the typical stages a Christian goes through in his/her faith journey.



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