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by "The Hemphills"

Joel & LaBreeska Hemphill

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The Hemphills

  1. My Father Made it All
  2. Partners In Emotion
  3. Master Of The Wind
  4. Walking In The Light
  5. I've Already Tried
  6. The Only Real Peace
  7. God Has A Plan
  8. When The Praises Go Up
  9. The Healer Lives In You
  10. Consider The Lilies
  11. I Claim The Blood

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The Hemphills

The Hemphills
"Uncommon Love"


Robin Todd

Every Knee Shall Bow



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Who Is Jesus

by Anthony Buzzard


To God Be The Glory - Joel Hemphill Book

To God Be The Glory

by Joel Hemphill



Jesus Was Not a Trinitarian

Jesus Was Not A


by Anthony Buzzard


August 2010 Issue

21st Century Reformation




Mark JonesMark Jones

"How Does God Work With Jesus?"

Pastor Mark Jones of Tennessee asks the question, "How does God work with Jesus?"  He then takes up two historical theological answers – the view of the Trinity and that of Oneness – and shows both views to be lacking.  Ultimately, Pastor Jones argues for the view that God works in, by and through the man Christ Jesus as his greatest representative; his empowered agent.

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Kent RossKent Ross

"Recovering a Theological World in Disarray"

Kent Ross of Ohio draws from his experience as a professor of Reformation and Church History in this very enlightening presentation. "Recovering a Theological World in Disarray" addresses the full spectrum of issues before Christianity today. Don't miss this exceptional – well done – analysis.

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Dennis Baldwin

Dennis Baldwin

"Can We Handle The Truth?"

In this presentation at a recent General Conference, Pastor Dennis Baldwin of Virginia addresses the importance of "truth." Without the principle of Scriptural truth, Pastor Baldwin convincingly proposes that Christians are left without a sure anchor in our lives.   

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Anthony BuzzardAnthony Buzzard

"Helping the World to Count to One"

"Helping the world to count to one. " In this paper presented at  a recent Theological Conference, Anthony Buzzard brings to us Jesus as the creator and ruler of the new creation which God is preparing for his people. Scriptures considered include Psalm 110:1, Hebrews 1:10 and a host of others.

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Joel HemphillJoel Hemphill

"Be Prepared For Blessings"


In "Be Prepared for Blessings," Joel Hemphill brings us an uplifting message of hope that tells us we should always be prepared for the blessings of God in our lives.   

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  • Atlanta Bible College - Korean Extension

    Join us for a Tour

    of the Korean

    Extension of the

    Atlanta Bible College

    This is a documentary produced by 21st Century Reformation which focuses on the Korean Extension of Atlanta Bible College. It introduces us to the staff, facilities and educational program at the extension.   

    video link


    Most Watched in July


    Kermit Zarley

    Barbara's Gardens

    Joel Hemphill

    Warmsroth, Ger.

    Kermit Zarley Barbara's Garden Joel & LaBreeksa Hemphill One God Conference in Germany

    Fascinating! -

    J. Dan Gill

    interviews author a

    One God advocate

    Kermit Zarley

    regarding his


    "Self-Supporting -

    Triangle Book."

    Watch Video - Video Link

    Join us for a visit on

    Barbara and


    Buzzard's porch and

    then take a relax

    stroll through th

    beautuful gardens of

    Barbara Buzzard


    Watch Video
    - Video Link

    Joel Hemphill

    teaches "The glory of

    Jesus is granted to him

    by God himself.

    However, no one

    "grants" God his

    glory. God's glory is

    inherent and


    Watch Video
    - Video Link



    Oct. 29 - Sun. Oct. 31,


    Warmsroth, near

    Frankfurt, Germany


    Wolfgang Schneider,

    Also Watch

    Kermit Zarley's Video -

    "Does the Bible Identify

    Jesus as God?"

    Watch Video video link

    Don't Miss

    Barbara's Book


    Download Free Tract

    by Joel Hemphill

    Shocking Admissions




    Jesus is Still a Jew


    J. Dan Gill -

    Is Your Creed in the Bible?

    Part II

    J. Dan Gill in Part 2 of "Is Your Creed in the Bible," takes up the creed of Jesus. J. Dan presents the question: "why is the original Christian creed not typically a part of Christian worship today?" 

    Watch Video Video Link

    Is Your Creed in the Bible?

    Part I

    Watch Video Video Link

    J. Dan Gill

    LaBreeksa Hemphill

    Barbara Buzzard

    Book Review

    LaBreeska Hemphill


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    Barbara Buzzard

    "To God Be The Glory"

    by Joel Hemphill

    Read Article

    August Wallpaper - Numbers 14:21


    August Wallpaper - Numbers 14:21


    But as truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD


    Photo by Joel Hemphill







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