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J. Dan GillJ. Dan Gill - Indivisible Gospel

J. Dan Gill's "One Indivisible Gospel" is a powerful Scriptural presentation. What is the gospel? Where did it originate? Is there more than one gospel? Prepare to be challenged by this illuminating, faith-building exposition.
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Joe MartinJoe Martin - Fearless Faith

In "Fearless Faith," Dr.  Joe  Martin challenges Christians to "stand up" for the one true God.  Dr. Martin speaks of the importance of taking the message about  God and his Son Jesus to the world.
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Sean FinneganThe Suffering Servant of the LORD - Sean Finnegan

 This is a great teaching by Sean Finnegan. You won't want to miss this exposition about the suffering Messiah and how that God has exalted him to his own right hand. Sean goes on to tell us that the story of Jesus is not yet over: "He will come to earth again to bring peace and establish God's kingdom."
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Mark JonesResurrection Teaching of Jesus Christ - Mark Jones

Pastor Mark Jones of Tennessee brings us the underlying truths of Jesus' raising  Lazarus from the dead. Pastor Jones tells us that it is actually one of Jesus' great teachings: "It is Jesus teaching about Resurrection."
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John RailtonWhole City Asked – John Railton

Pastor John Railton of  Indiana paints a vivid picture of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  "The Whole City Asked" brings us a wonderful understanding of this extraordinary event in the life of Jesus and his disciples.
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Kermit Zarley

Kermit Zarley

21st Century Reformation is honored to bring to our viewers an excerpt from the important new book "The Restitution of Jesus Christ" by Kermit Zarley – Servetus the Evangelical.  Everyone who has an interest in Christian reformation in our time must take in this article.
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Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor - Triumph Through Suffering

Pastor Steve Taylor of Tempe Arizona asks the question: "What good can come of pain and suffering?"  Pastor Taylor goes on to show that: "God's ultimate purpose for all people is accomplished through the suffering of his Son."
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Betty GillBetty Gill

In "Am I almost there?" Betty Gill gives us a picture of her life's  journey from a young child to a mature woman of faith today. As she looks back, she also looks forward to the final leg of her journey in this life. | Read Article


Barbara BuzzardBarbara Buzzard

Read Barbara Buzzard's review of the book "Did Calvin Murder Servetus?" by Stanford Rives, BookSurge Publishers, 2008.  Barbara brings a comprehensive overview of this "must read" book.
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LaBreeska HemphillLaBreeska Hemphill

In the "Potter and the Clay," author LaBreeska Hemphill tells us that:  "God doesn’t only see us as we are, but he sees us the way we’ll be when He gets through shaping us."
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April WallpaperApril Wallpaper - I Peter 1:3

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.


Thanks to Alice Dochstader Railton for this wonderful photo.





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