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by "The Hemphills"

Joel & LaBreeska Hemphill

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Music Compliments of
The Hemphills

  1. My Father Made it All
  2. Partners In Emotion
  3. Master Of The Wind
  4. Walking In The Light
  5. I've Already Tried
  6. The Only Real Peace
  7. God Has A Plan
  8. When The Praises Go Up
  9. The Healer Lives In You
  10. Consider The Lilies
  11. I Claim The Blood

Music Videos

The Hemphills

The Hemphills
"Uncommon Love"

Robin Todd

Every Knee Shall Bow



Who Is Jesus PDF ebook




Who Is Jesus

by Anthony Buzzard


To God Be The Glory - Joel Hemphill Book

To God Be The Glory

by Joel Hemphill



Jesus Was Not a Trinitarian

Jesus Was Not A


by Anthony Buzzard



July 2010 Issue

21st Century Reformation



Joel Hemphill

Joel Hemphill

The Glory of the God of Jesus Christ


Joel Hemphill, author of the book "To God be the Glory," brings to an audience in South Carolina an excursion into the Scriptural theme of the glory of God. Joel gives "Chapter and Verse" regarding the absolute uniqueness of God's glory. Our viewers will also enjoy Joel and LaBreeska Hemphill's singing;  good humor and banter at the beginning of this exceptional Biblical presentation. 
| video Link | Fearless Faith Audio Link |


J. Dan Gill


J. Dan Gill - Is Your Creed in the Bible?

Part 1

J. Dan Gill, Editor in Chief  of 21st Century Reformation Online, asks the question:  "Is Your Creed in the Bible?" With exceptional simplicity and clarity,  J. Dan challenges Bible students and Christians everywhere to consider the "First Creed" – A creed which is found in the Bible itself.  He also poses the question:  "Why is that creed not better known in our churches and recited by Christians everywhere today?" This is Part-1 of a two part series.
| Video Link | Suffering Servan of the LORD


Joe Martin

Dr. Joe Martin - Shout or Shudder -

There is One God



Beginning in James 2:19, Dr. Martin explains that even demons believe that there is one God. He goes on to explain that we as humanity have the privilege of "shouting" the fact that there is only one God and embracing it in our lives. On the other hand, if we will not recognize and give glory to the one God, Dr. Martin leaves us with the sobering thought that - like the demons - we too should shudder.
| Video Link | Indivisible Gospel |


Mark Jones

Mark Jones - Jesus Is Our Help




In "Jesus is our Help," Pastor Mark Jones of  Tennessee speaks words of comfort and encouragement to every person of faith. Giving assurance that "We are not alone" in this Christian race, Pastor Jones  tells us that Jesus – by the design and power that God has given to him - is always there to help us. As our tried and tested friend, he is our mediator with God; our high priest. He is willing and able to help his people all along the way. This teaching is a beautiful exposition from Hebrews 4:12-16.
| Video Link | Jesus Teaches Resurrection |


Dustin Smith

Dustin Smith

The Gospel of the Kingdom and
the People of  God



In "The Gospel of the Kingdom and the People of  God," Dustin Smith brings us  an ambitious – but well done presentation. Dustin speaks about the historical "context" of the Jesus of the Bible. He asserts that without grasping that context, we are greatly impeded from fully understanding the  true message and outreach of Jesus in his ministry as recorded in the Gospels. This is an informative exposition that will be enjoyed both by the newcomer and the more seasoned Bible student alike.  
| Video Link | Whole City Asked Audio Link|




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    Joel Hemphill


    Kermit Zarley


    Sean Finnegan



    Joel Hemphill kermit zarley Sean Finnegan commentary

    "Removing Greek

    Philosophy from


    Watch Video - Video Link

    "Is Jesus a God-Man in

    1 Timothy 2.5?"

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    Did Jesus Claim to Be

    God in John 10.30?

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    "One God -

    Only The Father Is God"

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    New Commentaries

    for July

    John 10:30

    I Timothy 2:5

    Download Free Tract

    by Joel Hemphill

    Shocking Admissions



    Don't miss

    Kermit Zarley's Video -

    "Does the Bible Identify

    Jesus as God?"

    Watch Video video link

    Also see Sean Finnegan's


    "One God? Is Jesus

    Both God and Man?"

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    Visit the Commentary Library often as is it will have addtions over the months.


    Anthony Buzzard -

    "Jesus Is Still A Jew"

    Mark Dockery has done it again! The producer of  "The Human Jesus," now brings to the public this short presentation, "Jesus is Still a Jew." In this expose' Anthony Buzzard, a leading scholar in Christology, takes time to address the "real Jewishness" of Jesus the Messiah. 

    Video Link

    Also, don't miss one of our most watched videos and one of our most read articles - both by Anthony Buzzard.

    "Five Options in Christology"

    John 1:1 Caveat Lector"

    Anthony Buzzard



    Cody Sloan

    On a recent trip to Bethel Church of God in South Carolina, 21st Century Reformation was taken with the talent and sincerity of upcoming piano player Cody Sloan. In his Southern Gospel style, 12 year old Cody plays  "Amazing Grace" and the gospel favorite "Just a Little Talk with Jesus." We believe that Cody will win your heart as he did ours.

    Video Link

    Cody Sloan



    New Articles

    Jerry Bennett

    LaBreeksa Hemphill

    Barbara Buzzard

    Book Review

    Jerry Bennett


    A SONG"

    LaBreeska Hemphill

    "The Blind Leading

    The Blind"

    Barbara Buzzard

    "They Never Told Me

    This in Church!"

    by Greg Deuble

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    Read Article

    Read Article


    July Scripture Wallpaper


    July Wallpaper - Isaiah 44:24

    This is what the LORD says. . . "I am the LORD who has made all things, who alone stretched out the heavens, who spread out the earth by myself"


    Photo by Rebecca Jones


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