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Barbara BuzzardIf you love gardens, landscaping, and the beauty of God's creation, you will find yourself watching "Lessons from Barbara's Gardens" - more than once! Following an interview at her residence, Barbara Buzzard then leads 21st Century Reformation Online on a tour of her extraordinary gardens and brings us colorful living examples of  teachings from the Scriptures. This presentation is a pure pleasure to watch. Do watch and enjoy!

Barbara Buzzard was born in Michigan, moved to England at age 20,  married her French Teacher and settled down in a little English village in Buckinghamshire. After some years of casting around for a theological home, they decided that Anthony should take a sabbatical and write on Biblical subjects. This led to the family moving to La Jolla, CA. Later Anthony took a job teaching at Oregon Bible College in Oregon Ill. During that time, Barbara looked after their three children and also set about restoring a 90 year old three story home. From there Georgia beckoned and has now been home for nearly 20 years. Having been blessed with many acres of land which are highlighted with streams and native azaleas, Barbara became a Master Gardener and a passionate landscaper. She is also deeply interested in theology and attempts to read and study critically and widely. She has for years been fascinated by the role that nutrition plays in health and the prevention of disease and has tried to put into practice what she has learned.



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