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Oneness to One - Page 8

First: Repent - (Grk. - metanoeo) - In Greek this is a compound word meaning quite literally "change your mind."15 Peter is telling people that day to change their minds regarding Jesus of Nazareth. They were to believe everything that Peter has just said regarding him.

Thus, true repentance was to embrace:

Acts 2:22 - Jesus was a man approved by God

That God did miracles / wonders and signs through that man.

Acts 2:23 - That they had been complicit in that man's death.

Not the death of "a body" or a "human nature," but of a human being.

Acts 2:24 - That God raised him from the dead.

Acts 2:34, 35 - That God has glorified this man from Nazareth,

and set him at his own right hand.

Acts 2:36 - That God has made Jesus to be Lord / God has made him Christ.

This was true repentance. Is not this exactly the same repentance that we should be proclaiming today? It is Peter's immediate and right answer to the question: "What shall we do?"

By proclaiming that message, people can bring forth that repentance. Then and only then are we ready to approach the second of Peter's two commands: "And be baptized every one of you..." Notice that Peter directs that this will be a baptism in the name of that same man - the anointed Jesus. In this baptism, we as men now fully and wholly identify ourselves with this man - the son of God (Romans 5:17-19). In baptism in his name, we are disciples of "this man" who died for us and whom we now embrace as Lord and Messiah. In this baptism, God views us as companions of his son Jesus and as being in relationship with his death, burial and resurrection (Romans 6:3-5). Here, our hope and salvation is clearly and wholly appended to Jesus as the true son of God (1 John 4:15; 5:10-12).

And notice Peter s emphatic: "every one of you." The command to be baptized in Jesus' name carries the exact same weight as the command to repent. Everyone who fully repents regarding Jesus is to be baptized in his name. It is the same one they "rejected" and "hanged on a tree." Now they will be immersed into him. And indeed it is the name of Jesus the "Christ" - not Jesus your God; not Jesus the God-man; not Jesus the “angel-man.” Rather, it is Jesus the man whom God has anointed: the one he has made Lord, the one he has made Christ.

This immersion was the pivotal moment for the receiving of Peter's message that day. It is synonymous with the acceptance of Jesus himself. It was the consummation of the people's faith in all that they had heard. This repentance is something that we as people can do. Receiving baptism in water in the name of the Messiah is something that we can do. These are directives from Peter. They are imperatives.

And then... you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

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15 Young's Analytical Concordance, p. 808.




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