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We hope you enjoy this part of our website as we feature people from around the world with incredible stories of their walk with God. Many times it takes extra courage and faith to look to God and his wonderful word and say "I don't care how it is, I just want it the way it is."

Brenda Storey - My Life Changed Drastically

Brenda StoreyI had gone to church all of my life.  From a child, I was taught to love the Lord.  I had a wonderful mother that loved God greatly and had exceptional faith and trust in him. So I grew up believing that I should serve the Lord and love him with all my heart. I cannot say that I always served him as I should have. As a young person I sometimes strayed. Yet, because of my mother's love and trust in God and because of what she taught me, I never strayed too far. I grew up in the Oneness doctrine. I was taught that there was one God and that his name was Jesus.  In that view I was taught to believe that there was no other doctrine that could possibly be right.  It was when I was older that I began to see that what I had believed all those years was not true. 

As a group of us were having home bible studies, my eyes were opened to see and understand that what I had believed could not possibly be right. As we read the scriptures I came to realize that there was one God but that he had a son, an only begotten son, and his son's name was Jesus.  I came to realize that there is no way that God and Jesus can be the same person. Wow, that made so much more sense to me.  Before, I could never explain to anyone what I believed because it just did not make sense!  I came to love scriptures like I Tim 2:5 – "There is one God and one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus." This one verse is so powerful and there are so many more!  Now I love God and his son Jesus with all of my heart.

When I took a stand for the understanding that I had received, my life changed drastically.  When I came to understand the truth about Jesus Christ, I left the church that I had attended all those years and walked away from people that I had loved so dearly. Leaving people whom I had loved from childhood, including lots of my family, hurt deeply.  I knew, however, that God was the most important thing in my life and that no matter what, he had to come first. 

My advice to everyone is to stand firm for truth no matter what and God will bless you. If you do, he will give you more and more understanding.  Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened.  God will help those that desire his truth and his will.  I love him so much and I am thankful for what he has revealed to me!  In him there is no darkness at all.  I have much more to learn and understand but I truly thank him for what he has done for me.



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