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New to the faith? New to the One God message?

Interested in finding people of “Like precious faith” (2 Peter 1:1)?


Whoever you are – wherever you’re at – whatever your background… this page in 21st Century Reformation is to assist you in finding others who share our faith that God is One and that our savior Jesus is the Christ, God’s only begotten human son.

We will be adding information on this page about ministries and efforts which seek to connect One God Christians around the world. It is our hope this will be helpful to those who may feel isolated or simply desire more interaction with fellow believers.



The Scattered Brethren Network

Robin Todd is a dear friend and devoted Christian who has worked diligently toward connecting One God believers from many locations. In the Scattered Brethren Network, Robin has created opportunities for fellowship between scattered and isolated believers from many places.

For more information, you can watch the following short presentation by Robin Todd at a recent conference. You can also  access the network’s website at





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