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Angela MooreAngela Hays Moore has a passion for God, and His Son, Jesus, and in sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom message, one heart at a time. Angela, with her husband, Tony, and their five children, are active within their community in Knightstown, Indiana, planting a church - Knightstown Family Fellowship. Angela enjoys writing and speaking, and is the author of an illustrated children’s book, “Maggie Seeks the Kingdom of God.”



What's Love Got to Do with It?

by Angela Moore

 “Until we love people more than we love being right, we’ll continue to be part of the problem.” Jon Cheatwood.

Defending the Faith.

When people are backed into a corner, told that what they believe is wrong, kicked out of churches, disfellowshiped and dished by their Christian friends, made to believe they are insane from going against the majority, and basically isolated and ostracized by mainstream Christianity for interpreting the Bible one way, when the majority are taught to see it another way… they tend to come out of the ring fighting. If not fighting, then they are the walking wounded. Hurt. Sometimes stunned. Maybe insecure enough to start to doubt that maybe what they read in Scripture and believed, that Yahweh is a singular “He” instead of a “they”…is wrong. Maybe God IS a “Triune Godhead” after all, made up of multiple persons into one substance… or they don’t want to fight, so they just keep silent, and go with the masses, because, if they didn’t…they would find themselves alone, without a Body of Christ to connect with. And that’s not a fun alternative. So, they just keep quiet and don’t stir anything up. They quietly believe what they believe, so they don’t make a ruckus…because if someone found out, they know they’ll be asked to leave, or at the minimum, given a little talk by the pastor.

So, rather than remain silent, some people come out of the Church, kicking and screaming. They have to holler a little louder, because there is only one or two of their voices barely being heard above the roar of the millions of the Majority, who control the Christian radio airwaves, the Christian television shows, and the Christian publishing.  If the Christian media finds out that you don’t teach the Trinity, they will quickly close you down. I suppose that’s better than being burned at the stake, but the issue certainly doesn’t go away, and it’s a huge problem in modern Christianity that is almost like the Elephant in the room. No one wants to speak about it. They want to pretend the conflicts in Scripture aren’t there. If it doesn’t make sense to people, well, it’s because God’s thoughts and ways aren’t ours, so we aren’t supposed to understand the Trinity. If we have trouble believing it, it’s because we don’t have enough faith and we should pray that the Spirit will help us see the light. It doesn’t matter, that the Bible states clearly that “God is not a man.” Instead, they argue, that if Jesus, the man, is not God, then you are not even a Christian, despite what Scripture teaches. It’s really amazing. It’s an argument that you can’t seem to win with some people, and most have given up trying.

Most have decided that it’s not worth the battle. We’re supposed to put aside our differences and just love God and love people, and if their God is a triune one, and ours is one single God named Yahweh….then so be it. That’s love. Our arguing about it is pointless. Let’s just get along and be united in one, in Christ….except the fact that they don’t want to unite with us.

So where does that leave us? Up a stream without a paddle?

I think not.

I’ve done a lot of soul searching on this topic. Is it really that important? Should we really care whether God is one or a three-in-one God? Does it really matter for our salvation? Our relationship with God? Once we decide what the Scriptures tell us regarding who God is, then should we keep it to ourselves? Should we tell others, and risk being rejected or should we remain silent, and let them just believe what they want to believe?


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