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Angela MooreAngela Hays Moore has a passion for God, and His Son, Jesus, and in sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom message, one heart at a time. Angela, with her husband, Tony, and their five children, are active within their community in Knightstown, Indiana, planting a church - Knightstown Family Fellowship. Angela enjoys writing and speaking, and is the author of an illustrated children’s book, “Maggie Seeks the Kingdom of God.”



Prove It!

by Angela Moore


“Suppose you need to solve a crime mystery. You survey the crime scene, gather the facts, and write them down in your memo pad. To solve the crime, you take the known facts and, step by step, show who committed the crime. You conscientiously provide supporting evidence foreach statement you make.” These are the primary steps of writing a geometry proof to prove a hypothesis. Now, wait a minute before you go cringing and saying how you hated math in high school! This could be a very fun way for you to approach understanding your Bible, as if gathering clues and evidence to solve the greatest mystery ever told.

Many Trinitarians will tell you that they believe that Jesus is God, or “God the Son” and quickly point to John 1:1 as their evidence or proof text. Let’s take a quick look at what their logic would look like if it was presented as a Geometry proof:

Assume Jesus is God and preexisted his birth.
1. We are given that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.   John 1:1

2. We are also given that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. John 1:14

3. Therefore, Jesus is God and preexisted his birth, because if “the Word became flesh” is Jesus, he had to have been existing in the beginning with God and therefore must be God.

However, in geometry, my high school math teacher, Mr. Johnson, always warned us to “never assume!” First of all, John 1:1 does not say, “In the beginning was the Son.” People assume that it does and they jump to this conclusion based on this faulty reasoning. But according to the, “The two most important things a proof must possess are clarity and backup.” They write, “Over the years, we’ve read some awful proofs and some wonderful proofs. Without a doubt the wonderful ones were wonderful because WE COULD UNDERSTAND THEM!!!!!”  And just like studying our Bibles, we must not base a theology on just one or two Scriptures alone, but on clear and consistent teachings that are backed up by numerous other verses from Genesis to Revelation.

Let’s examine the facts to see if the Trinity Doctrine has clarity and backup.

The problem Trinitarians face with this assumption that Jesus is God, is that it makes ‘who Jesus is’ become very unclear and creates all kinds of problems. The Trinity is very confusing.  1+1+1 = 1?  When does the number one not mean one?  If there is only one God and He is God, then He = 1.  Not They = 1.  If there was ever anything called ‘‘fuzzy math,” then the Trinity would definitely be that!  Are there problems with the Trinity doctrine?  A boat load!  For example, if Jesus really was God, and all knowing, why didn’t he know when he was coming back, and God the Father is the only one who knows this? (Mark 13:32) If Jesus is God, and God is immortal (never dying or destructible), then, how could Jesus have died? (I Timothy 6:16) If God cannot be tempted, then how could Jesus have been tempted? (James 1:13) The erroneous assumption (that Jesus is God) opens up a whole can of worms, so to speak, introducing all sorts of inconsistencies when we assume Jesus is God, when the Bible clearly states repeatedly, that Jesus is the SON of God, not the one true, living Almighty God, YHWH.  Jesus is not YHWH, and to state that he is, brings confusion, misunderstanding, and obscurity to the plan of God.

The Trinitarians’ assumption also lacks sufficient backup. Although there are a few Scriptures that are somewhat ambiguous and may be interpreted either way, there are thousands of Scriptures that state very clearly, the fact that God is the one and only living God.  This is backed up substantially by thousands of personal pronouns (Me, Myself, I), and that Jesus is the Son of that one LORD God. Just the mere fact that there is only one God and there is Jesus, the Son of God, the mediator between God and man, proves that Jesus is not God (I Timothy 2:5). To assume Jesus is God is both illogical and inconsistent with what Scripture actually teaches.  And that’s just one verse!  The whole Bible emphatically states with overwhelming evidence that there is one God, and He is the Heavenly Father (John 17:3 is an ideal example).

Now, let’s look at the Biblical alternative to the man-made Trinity doctrine, called “Biblical Unitarianism.”  This is simply the belief that God is one, not three-in-one.  Biblical Unitarians believe Jesus is not God, but the Son of God.  Let’s start by believing what God said about Jesus in Mark 9:7, “This is My beloved Son, listen to him!” How would this proof look?

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