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Anthony Buzzard

The Shocking Contradiction of the Bible

by Evangelical Scholars

By Anthony Buzzard – "Focus on the Kingdom," August 2011


“In other words, Jesus is not the Son of God because He was born of a virgin.”


 These are the words of evangelical scholar Dr. Adrian Rogers. The pressure of “orthodoxy” and toeing the line of what is acceptable “in church” has driven him to a very obvious negation of the plain words of Gabriel to Mary. In Luke 1:35 we have a simple, unifying explanation of how, why and when Jesus is the Son of God. It was precisely because of the biological miracle worked in Mary that Jesus is the Son of God. God became the Father of the Son of God by miracle. Here are the words of Luke and Gabriel, to be carefully compared with the words of John MacArthur which contradict them (rather obviously, we suggest)!

Unpacking the meaning of the virgin birth, Gabriel said, “For this reason precisely (dio kai), the one to be begotten will be called the Son of God.” Gabriel offered no other reason, because there is no other basis for Jesus’ origin as the Son of God. To be called the Son of God is of course the same as to be the Son of God. Compare: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God” (Matt. 5:9) with “Your reward will be great and you will be sons of the Highest” (Lk. 6:35).

Jesus is, according to this transparently clear teaching of Gabriel to Mary, the Son of God for the sole reason that God is his Father by miracle. Show this to your friends. John MacArthur states the very opposite.

Equally in blatant collision with Gabriel is the bold assertion of Chuck Swindoll and Roy Zuck, general editors of Understanding Christian Theology. They write: “Christ has existed eternally as the Son of God…Whenever the title Son of God is used it speaks of his divine essence…When the title Son of God is used of Christ, it has nothing to do with his birth to Mary. As Son of God he was not born…” (p. 570).

Now let us hear Gabriel again in Luke 1:35. In answer to Mary’s trusting and touching inquiry as to how she might become pregnant, not being married, the angel said, “Holy spirit will come over you and the power of the Highest One will overshadow you. For that reason precisely (dio kai), the one begotten will be called holy, Son of God.”

I trust our readers will ponder the amazing rejection of the plain teaching of Scripture by leaders claiming to represent the Bible. The angel provides a concise explanation as to why and how Jesus is the Son of God. A huge lesson can be learned from this unaccountable contradiction of the sacred text. Could anything demonstrate more clearly that “church” is at odds with the biblical definition of Jesus as Son of God?

This deviation from the plainest Bible teaching about who Jesus, the Son of God is, ought to be stirring our readers into an impassioned defense of the sacred text. For our blessing and enlightenment, God provided through Gabriel a simple, clear definition of what it means for Jesus to be God’s Son. Paul repeated this definition in Romans 1:3-4: “God’s Son is the lineal descendant of David [as in Luke 1:35]. He was declared to be the Son of God in power by the resurrection.” Do not make the mistake of turning a blind eye to the fact that Jesus is the Son of God originally by divine miracle in Mary. He was announced as Son of God also at his baptism. The origin of that unique sonship is the miracle worked in the Jewess Mary. Matthew spoke in complete harmony with Luke by describing the origin (genesis) of the Son in Matthew 1:18. The Father begat the Son (“that which is begotten in her”) by a divine intervention in Mary (Matt. 1:20, note the Greek “begotten,” not “conceived” which is the part of the mother).

See entire Focus on the Kingdom at Anthony Buzzard Website:



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