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One God European Conference in Germany

Features are in English with German translation.


Anthony Buzzard

Anthony Buzzard

The Beginning of the Son of God

  Session One - European One God Conference  

In the opening address of the 2010 European One God Conference, Professor Anthony Buzzard takes up "The Beginning of the Son of God."  Anthony presents to us that the Son of God had a beginning and we know when it was: It was in the womb of his mother Mary.

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Anthony Buzzard

Anthony Buzzard

"Comments on Some Modern Theologians"

Session Two - European One God Conference

In this segment, Sir Anthony Buzzard takes up the favorable findings of some notable modern theologians regarding who Jesus really is. Included particularly are comments of the respected German Catholic theologian Karl-Heinz Ohlig.   
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Anthony Buzzard

Anthony Buzzard

"The Gospel Preached To Abraham"

Session Three - European One God Conference   

In this presentation Anthony Buzzard gives an excellent exposition of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God as it was given to Abraham. In this teaching Anthony also talks about the relationship between the Law of Moses and the New Covenant in Jesus Christ.

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Anthony Buzzard

Anthony Buzzard

"An Introduction to the Kingdom of God"

Session Four - European One God Conference  

Anthony Buzzard brings us a Scriptural introduction to the Kingdom of God as it was preached in the New Testament.


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Anthony Buzzard

Anthony Buzzard

"The 8 Kingdom Texts in the Book of Acts"

Session Five - European One God Conference     

This is an enjoyable exposition of the eight Scriptural texts in the Book of Acts which speak of the Kingdom of God.

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