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Five Options in Christology

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Anthony Buzzard

Anthony BuzzardProfessor Anthony Buzzard is one of the most persuasive and energetic voices of our day calling for Christians to pursue reformation and restoration of original Christianity. He brings to us his passion for completion of what he calls the "unfinished work" of the Reformation. Anthony Buzzard is a man of genuine faith whose good heart and humble spirit is valued by many who have been blessed by his writings, teachings, and exhortations.

21st Century Reformation Online is honored to have Anthony Buzzard as a frequent contributor. Professor Buzzard's "Five Options in Christology" is a wonderful power point presentation evaluating the five prevailing views regarding Jesus Christ and is one of our most watched video presentations. You will find many other writings and features by Anthony on 21st Century Reformation Online. His short book entitled "Who is Jesus - A Pleas for a Return to Belief in Jesus the Messiah," can be read or downloaded on this website.

Anthony Buzzard is the author of numerous books including: Jesus Was Not a Trinitarian: a Call to Return to the Creed of Jesus; and The Doctrine of the Trinity: Christianity's Self Inflicted Wound.  Anthony is the author of many theological articles and papers. He is the editor of Focus on the Kingdom and co-editor of A Journal From the Radical Reformation. Retiring after 24 years on the staff of Atlanta Bible College, he continues to write, teach and travel, fulfilling a life-long desire to make the best of Bible scholarship available to the wider church-going public.

Anthony and Barbara BuzzardAnthony Buzzard was born in Surrey, England and educated at Oxford University and later at Bethany Theological Seminary. He holds masters degrees in theology and modern languages, Hon. Ph.D. Anthony came to the United States with his wife Barbara and daughters in 1981.

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Anthony Buzzard



Books by Anthony Buzzard

Jesus Was Not a Trinitarian
A Call to Return to the Creed of Jesus

by Anthony Buzzard

Jesus Was Not A Trinitarian - Anthony Buzzard BookAnthony Buzzard invites scholars and laymen alike to take seriously Jesus' Jewish creed, his recitation of the Shema, "Hear, O Israel," which proclaims God to be one single Lord. Defining God and His Son biblically remains part of the unfinished work of the Reformation. The evidence placed before the reader shows that a major paradigm shift is needed if Christians are to worship their God in spirit and in truth, uncluttered by the philosophical and confusing ideas of God which form part of received church tradition.

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The Doctrine of the Trinity: Christianity's Self-Inflicted Wound

by Anthony Buzzard and Charles Hunting

The Doctrine of The Trinity - Anthony Buzzard BookThis important work is a detailed biblical investigation of the relationship of Jesus to the one God of Israel. The authors challenge the notion that biblical monotheism is legitimately represented by a Trinitarian view of God and demonstrate that within the bounds of the canon of Scripture Jesus is confessed as Messiah, Son of God, but not God Himself. Later Christological developments beginning in the second century, and under the influence of pagan Gnosticism, misrepresented the biblical doctrine of God and Christ by altering the terms of the biblical presentation of the Father and the Son. This fateful development laid the foundation of a revised, unscriptural creed which needs to be challenged. This book provides a definitive presentation of a Christology rooted in the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. The authors present a sharply-argued appeal for an understanding of God and Jesus in the context of Christianity's original, apostolic, unitary monotheism.

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Who Is Jesus
A Plea for a Return to Belief in Jesus, the Messiah

by Anthony Buzzard

Anthony Buzzard - Who is Jesus PDF BookIt is a striking fact that Jesus never referred to himself as "God." Equally remarkable is the New Testament's use of the word "God"--in Greek ho theos--to refer to the Father alone, some 1,325 times. In sharp contrast, Jesus is called "god" in a handful of texts only--perhaps no more than two. Why this impressive difference in New Testament usage, when so many seem to think that Jesus is no less "God" than his Father?

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